Why does Grace come and then leaves?

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Having been awakened with faith, having zeal, being baptized, and experiencing divine grace, God then hides grace from us, Saint Theophan tells us. This is a most common experience for all serious Christian  faithful who seek union with God. It seems that as soon as we have His grace, it is gone.  It comes and then leaves. Why is this most sublime feeling allowed to leave us? It seems as if God abandons us. 
When this happened to me I felt betrayed, after all, I had accomplished a great thing through my spiritual efforts.  Yes, I was proud. If it had stayed with me, this pride would only have grown and I would have remained complacent.  But when it left, what did I do?  I sought help and was guided to work hard to uncover my deep hidden sinfulness.  This involved things everyone else knew about me, but were hidden from my own self-awareness.  I gave up my old ways of seeking an spiritual experience through the eastern meditation practice I had long practiced.  I started anew in my spiritual path becoming obedient to my spiritual father.  Glory be to God for this! 
This is why this withdrawal happens.  Initially we are encouraged by the experience of His grace, but we still have great pride and need to be humbled. After this initial encouragement, this withdrawal leeds us to further growth through a processes of purifying our heart. 

Where should we Ascend?

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The Lord dwelt on earth for forty days after His Resurrection. But He was not with the disciples constantly, but appeared and spoke with them from time to time, sometimes in another form, for which reason the Apostles could not outwardly recognize their Teacher (Mark 16:12). Thus, on the road to Emmaus the disciples knew the Lord only in the breaking of bread, later lamenting that they had not hearkened to the voice of their hearts burning within them while Jesus spoke with them along the way. The Lord, as it were, accustomed the Apostles to another kind of communication, not like when He spoke and exhorted them directly, but to a transfigured and loftier communication in spirit and in truth (John 4:23).

Group baptism of Catechism class 2017

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By God's help and providence on Saturday 13th of May our Catechism class was baptized at Agia Sophia Temple, at Strovolos.  

Converts:  George Muikia (from Kenya), Marios Iliazet (Cypriot-Egyptian), Michaella Christides (Zambia), Demetra Petrlikova (Czech Rep.), Mary-Rose Martinez (Philippines), Eleni Genalyn Chiriacu (Philippines). 

May God always help them to keep the light of the Holy Spirit always alive in their hearts!! 


"Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"

Mathew 28:19