About Us

The English Speaking Community of Holy Archbishopric of Cyprus (ESC-Cyprus) refers to all English speaking catechumens, converts and other Orthodox Christians and its main aim is to support them in their daily spiritual struggle, growth and edification in Christ through the life of the Orthodox Church.   Our website is also interested to provide its readers with articles that bring a perspective to different questions on church and faith issues.

The ESC of Holy Archbishopric of Cyprus consists of 3 departments.  a) The school of Catechism b) The English Bible study Class c) The sacramental life of the Orthodox church.

It operates under the supervision of the Holy Archbishopric of Cyprus and more specifically of the Catechism office which is directed by his grace bishop of Karpasia Christoforos. 

Our website is maintained by fr. Ioannis Kyprianou, rector of St. Nicholas Church Engomi and Eirini- Renate Petrides.