Take God on vacation with you!

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Take God On Vacation With You!
Written by Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
June 2008
The summer months are upon us and we must consider that God does not go on vacation but is always present and loves us! Humbly all of us should make every effort to attend our local holy Orthodox Church even during the summer months. When we attend Church, we are able to witness Christ our Lord, and to aware of the Mother of God, who prays for us.
All of us know that the Church is a place for healing, as we encounter the Physician of our souls Christ our true God, who is reaching out to help us, save us, and keep us by His grace, as this in itself is a great blessing for us all! How compassionate indeed is Christ our loving God!
Within the Church we find the love and compassion of Christ our Lord!
Within the Church we find hope!
Within the Church we who are all sinners, find forgiveness!
Within the Church we find true prayer, and the answer to all prayers!
Within the Church we find truth, and are no longer misguided!
Within the Church we are all spiritually filled, and go hungry no more.
Within the Church we truly find spiritual joy, rather than sadness in our lives!
Within the Church we find salvation, and now know the correct path to take during our lives!
Within the Church we partake of the Holy Mysteries that cleanse us and nourish us all!
Within the Church we behold the Mother of God, His holy prophets, His saints, holy martyrs, and the holy Fathers, who indeed all nourish us with spiritual guidance towards the Kingdom of God!
Let us spiritually make every effort to attend the many services offered to us even during the summer months in realizing God never goes on vacation. God will accompany you during your vacation! God will also be present when you return! Remember
God is with you and loves you!
Have a spiritually rewarding summer!
Peace to your soul!

"Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"

Mathew 28:19