How to Apply

According to the sayings of our Lord Jesus Christ, anyone can become a member of His church since everyone is welcome in His heavenly Kingdom  It is important however, that the candidate should show interest, willingness, faith and devotion during the process of catechism.  "Catechism" is that process by which the candidate enters a class in order to get prepared for baptism.  He receives the teachings of our Church by undergoing a nine month course.   Meanwhile by the help of the teacher he is encouraged to participate in the life of the Church.  In order to join this process, the candidate should do the following:

a) Contact the secretary of our School Mr. Antonis Charalambous - tel. no. 22554610 to receive an appointment to meet up with fr. Ioannis Kyprianou. 

b) At the appointment everyone should bring their passport/ID.  Additionally all non-European citizens should also bring the pink slip or visa that confirms their legal stay in Cyprus. 

c) During the appointment the candidate fills an application form with the help of the secretary.  Then the priest examines the willingness and readiness of the candidate to start the classes by asking some basic questions based on his/her spiritual background. 

d) After the appointment is over, the candidate will wait to receive a call from our secretary and will be given all necessary details about the commencing of the new class. i.e. venue, date, time etc.

In order to see more details on how the School of Catechism operates, click here to access on the requirements.