New announcement from Holy Archbishopric 17/03/2020

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Dear English Speaking Members,
Sadly we will have to stop our English liturgies until Pascha for two reasons.  As you may have already heard, according the latest announcement of Holy Archbishopric,  only 10 persons can attend the services of the church including the chanters.  And secondly,  father Nichalas has been trapped in USA because of the current situation.  He kindly asks your prayers. 
Also according to our Bishop father Christoforos of Karpasia, priests  will not be receiving confession until Pascha.  
I truly understand your desire to receive Holy Communion even from the Greek speaking churches, but as you already realize it will be difficult. Don't feel bad about all this.  Think more  positively.  I already said to my spiritual children that I feel that God has put all of us to a penance, because we are not worthy to receive Holy Communion.  It is a good opportunity through this period to evaluate the quality of Holy Communion and the spiritual gifts that God is giving as daily through His Church.  Saint Mary of Egypt, was living in the desert and Abba Zosimas was visiting her in the desert once every year to give her Holy Communion.  I think that no one of us considers himself  more worthy  than this great saint of Egypt. 
Let us humble ourselves and ask continuously the mercy of God.  Let us motivate ourselves to pray more at home, even getting on our knees and show real repentance for our sins!  God allowed all this because we need to become true Christians by undergoing through this penance with prayer and humility.
I cordially wish you strength and patience.  God is working out something really good out of all this!  He allows all this because he truly loves us. 
For latest news, I will be keeping you informed through this page.   
Frather  Ioannis

"Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"

Mathew 28:19