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Why were people then baptized in Jordan? What did baptism mean before Christ appeared to the world?
Was the Lord necessary to be baptized?
What did Jesus mean by saying "because it is right for us to in this way fulfill the whole law, experience justice"
What does water symbolize in Christ baptism?
Suddenly then, the heavens opened unto him and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and coming upon him
Can you explain this scene to us? What is the Spirit of God that descended like a dove and sat on Him? Why was this done?
And a voice was heard from heaven, saying: This is my beloved Son, through whom I have shown my favor! After the Spirit of God descended upon the Lord then God himself revealed to the world that Jesus is his Son.
What did God want to show humanity by this gesture?
Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity, three persons but one God.
Is the Holy Spirit a person?
And secondly, why is Godhead made up of three persons? God I understand is God. Jesus becomes God because he is sent to earth by God as God on earth. The Holy Spirit?
What does Homosexual and Undivided Holy Trinity mean?
Why was this Epiphany made at the baptism of Christ and not at some other time in his life?
Is the day of this first Epiphany, the birthday day of the Church? Could we say that?
Why did the Honest Prodromos stand out as the "inborn female major"? Please tell us a little about the personality of this saint.
People, let's say less fanatics tend to say that one is God, either they call him God or Christ, or Buddha or Allah the God himself is just seen by various religions with their own believes.
Why is the one and true God ONLY the "Holy Trinity God we saw today in Epiphany"? Is the Holy Trinity God the same God ultimately with the God of other religious "beliefs" and simply changes the way we perceive Him, the do we disagree or worship him?
The Honest Prodromos only rested when he was diminishing before God. He didn't feel complex when he prospered the Lord but instead he was resting.
Can we today's secular people resemble Prodromos?
John the Prodromos belongs to this class of spiritual people whose call is to reveal to a certain society and at a certain historical moment the justice, lies and evil that poisoned that society.
If we look at it today, as I understand it, every good clergyman is another John Prodromos? How will a clergyman resemble today to Honest Prodromo?
A worker of God today, from whatever step he serves eg a Forerunner, a High Priest, an elder, a simple priest of a parish, has the incumbents? He is "free" to cause a spiritual and moral crisis to wake up the s a modern man ?
Is it utopian through a future spiritual and moral crisis this role to be played by a government? Will there be governments or political figures that will rise to power by spiritual criteria? Saint Porphyrius said of course that Politics it's a very serious thing for politicians to practice.
The Lord came to Jordan to dive into the waters of sin to cleanse them. But in the end, sin itself killed him. Although totally exhausted yet he had all the power to resurrect human nature.
How old would we seemingly weak Christians really feel inside that we have the immense power of Christ's Resurrection?
Is the Feast of the Epiphany every year a reminder of the Baptism Promises? How many did we keep and how many didn't we? Can you remind us of the promises we made at baptism?
Why do we speak of Monday as “the end of this life as we know it.” That is, without the Lord having to return to earth? 2000 years and from spiritual and moral crisis nothing else? Maybe there is no expectation today or then?
How is Christ's course from Epiphany to Crucifixion and Resurrection connected to our own lives?
The Lord's first act after his baptism was fasting. 40 days and 40 nights in the desert.
Elder man prayer and temperament are interrelated? So can we have prayer without temperance and temperament without prayer? Give us some practical example
Why is sin an injustice?
In the acts of the apostles to the first Christians we read that "All who believed no one considered any of his possessions to be his own, but all they had in common. Not one among them was lacking in what was necessary. For those who had fields or houses sold them, and brought the price of those who sold and made it available to the apostles
Today we have it all. And above all, besides the materials we also have the historical evidence and the experience of the Saints. What prevents us from having the community of the first Christians?
He tells us a little story about the Epiphany about a simple priest Pope Charalampo and how he performed the ritual of sanctification of waters. The way he took off his cover and turned to the east, he looked at the sky, he made his Cross and said the wish of the Great, O Lord, and wonderful are thy works,... The way he sanctified the waters with the Cross three times and sang Jordan your baptized, Lord ...
The pope was called Charalampos, not a humble man, he was an inspired prophet, who gave something of his own faith, who revived the soul of his flock.
What does a mere priest need to do to fulfill his priestly duties as an inspired elder prophet? Like this pope- Charalambo.
General Joseph said: To ourselves humble, to our fellow man loving and to God absolutely faithful. This is how our mission is completed to get to hear the YOU WORK LOVE AND BELIEVE ENTER THE JOY OF YOUR LORD
Does the Lord ask much of us?

"Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"

Mathew 28:19