Why does the Orthodox Church not use musical instruments?

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We don’t know anything about the use of musical instruments in the early Church, so we cannot state anything for a fact. On the one hand, it is beyond controversy that the Church of Christ developed Her worship based on ancient Jewish traditions of worship in the Temple and in synagogues. Therefore, the ancient Christians could have borrowed the traditions of using musical instruments from the synagogue and especially the Temple. In addition, there were many Christians who had been raised as pagans, so they could adopt musical instruments as one of the simplest ways to express religious feelings. On the other hand, it could be that the ex-pagans, remembering the religious dances and music of their past religions, which were accompanied by rituals unacceptable for Christians, did not want to bring that dubious tradition in the Church. In any case, we don’t have facts to either prove or disprove the use of musical instruments during early Christian worship.

10 Orthodox New Years Resolutions

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Making New Years resolutions? Consider the following Ten Points for a better Orthodox way of life. These will nourish your soul and bring you closer to God and an eternal ire in His kingdom.
1. Praying Daily: Have a regular prayer rule that includes morning and evening prayer.
2. Worshiping and Participating in the Sacraments: Attend and participate in the Divine Liturgy receiving Holy Communion regularly as well as regular participation in Confession.
3. Honoring the Liturgical Cycle: Follow the seasons of the church and participate in the fasts and feasts of the Church.
4. Using the Jesus Prayer: Repeat the Holy name whenever possible throughout the day or night.
5. Slowing Down and Ordering Your Life: Set priorities and reduce the stress and friction caused by a hurried life.
6. Being Watchful: Give full attention to what you are doing at the moment.
7. Taming the Passions: Overcome your habits, attachment to your likes and dislikes, and learn to practice the virtues.
8. Putting Others First: Free yourself from your selfishness and find joy in helping others.
9. Spiritual Fellowship: Spend time regularly with other Orthodox Christians for support and inspiration.
10. Reading Scripture and the writings of the Church Fathers.


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Departure: Larnaca-Bucharest     29/04/2019   OB 138   12.30-14.50

Return:      Bucharest-Larnaca     04/05/2019   OB 137   16.15-18.30


Meeting at the area next to the church of St. Apostle Barnabas Dasoupolis.  Departure for Larnaca airport.  Direct flight to Bucharest capital of Romania, by blue air airlines.  After arriving at Bucharest we will take the bus and travel to Iasi.  (Capital of Moldavia) After a couple of stops, arrival at the hotel.  Free time to take a rest.  Dinner.  


Breakfast.  Departure for Suceava area in the provicne of bucovina, well known for its painted monasteries, masterpieces of Byzantine art.  (both indoor and outdoor)  We will first viist the convent of VORONET dedicated to St.  George (built at 1488 AD by st. Steven) It is considered wondrous for its beautiful frescoes that are famous worldwide for their blue color.  St.  Steven built the monastery so that he would fulfill the promise that he gave to his spiritual father after a victory agaist the Turks.  The 

"Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"

Mathew 28:19