Back to our English Liturgies!!!

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Dear brothers and sisters, Christ is risen!! 

I am in the pleasant position to announce you that according to a recent announcement from the Holy Archbishopric, by coming Sunday the faithfull will eventually be able to enter the churches and participate at the liturgies with the only restriction of keeping  empty seats around each person thus keeping the safe distance between each other.  As a result, the restriction with the limited number 10 of people entering the temple, will be abolished.  

Consequently, by God's providence, May the 24th at 8.40am we will be having our first English liturgy at Agia Sophia underground church! 

For self evident reasons, there will be no coffee-time after the dismissal. 

Hope to see you all again! 

Fr, Ioannis


How do we live "The Church at home"

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Christians are going through difficult times on account of the spread of the pandemic, which is preventing the faithful from participating in prayers at church, especially during this season rich in daily prayers.
This Holy Week, are we content to listen to prayers transmitted over social media such as Facebook? How can we really experience these prayers, when we are forbidden for health reasons from really participating?
In times of hardship, persecution and sicknesses as well as in times of ease, health and peace, the voice of Saint John Chrysostom is heard, calling to Christians: “Let your home be a church!” How can our home be a church? What did Saint John Chrysostom mean?
There is no general prescription for all homes on this topic. Every home has its distinct quality, in terms of location and inhabitants.. But there are broad guidelines for living out the church at home and if we follow them, we will experience Christian life in its profundity… So what are they?

Live streaming of Services at st. Nicholas Church - Engomi

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Dear ESC members, 

I am in the pleasant position to announce to you that you can now watch all services of Lent period Live Streaming through the webpage of St. Nicholas Church - Engomi

God bless you and give you strength during this trial period that we all go through! 


Fr. Ioannis

"Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"

Mathew 28:19