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If you are interested to enjoy the beauty of fall season and experience the traditions of Cyprus come and join us at our trip which will be held 

on Sunday the 22nd .  Departure time/venue: 10.40am from St. Panteleimonas Church.  (immediately after the English liturgy)  

Program:  We will first visit the monastery/convent of St, Heraklidios.  After venerating the relics of the saint and visiting the crypt where the saint was burried 

we will head on to the village of Pharmakas.  We will have lunch at the house of fr. Ioannis' parents - (you will be given the chance to meet his parents too).  

After lunch we will go to the village of Kambi (5 minutes drive) to participate in the activities of the GRAPE FESTIVAL.  

Bare feet grape pressing, shoushoukos making, palouzes making (grape cream), zivania making process, dances by a cypriot traditional group and many other surprises.  

No entrance fees and you will be given the chance to try fresh wine, zivania and many other Cypriot delights made by the villagers!  

Please bring finger food to share!

If you want to join us, please send a message to 99463030 (fr. Ioannis) specifying if you will need a ride or whether you will bring your own car.   Please notify also 

what food you will bring.  We look forward to seeing you!! 

How do deal with the crisis in a spiritual manner

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Indeed we are presently facing some tough times which affect everyone. It seems that we are all aboard a ship- the ship is our small country- sailing in rough seas without knowing where we are or where we are heading to. Whenever certain hardships afflict a country, a family, a society they are real and painful. One does not offer consolation, however, by saying that nothing is happening. The correct way is to recognize that we are facing certain hardships and to look for ways to deal with them.
When a country or a person faces hardship and is troubled and suffers, is worried and faces dire consequences, this does not mean that everything was caused by God, because God does not wish to make people suffer, neither does He cooperate with the tribulation which is afflicting us. Hardship, anxiety and suffering never originate from God but are either caused by the devil or by our own actions.

Twenty six patterns of living to enhance the glory of your Marriage

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1. Do everything with love and prayer.
2. Always see yourself and your spouse as partners on the road of life, the path to holiness, the journey to the Kingdom of Heaven.
3. Be faithful in morning and evening prayers together, no matter how brief, as far as possible; and be faithful in attendance at church. Remember, husbands, that as the head of the family, the spiritual and material well-being of your home is ultimately your responsibility.
4.  Conflict resolution: find a way to resolve conflicts as soon as possible. Perhaps this will mean letting the one who feels the most strongly about a situation have the final say about it.
5.  Ask forgiveness whenever something comes between you, no matter how small or large.
6.  When your spouse is talking to you, really listen, with full attentiveness. Demonstrate that you have really listened by responding accordingly with your mind and your heart.
7.  Always keep your word to each other, and give a full explanation and apology whenever you’re not able to.
8.  Do your daily chores and other jobs around the house faithfully, even cheerfully, without having to be reminded, as a way of serving God through serving your family.
9.  Have regular weekly family meetings/conferences to discuss issues of common concern; this is more important with children as they get older.

"Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"

Mathew 28:19